This consent form has been adapted from the original paper version into an electronic acknowledgement. By submitting photos or videos into any of the AHS Contests, you are agreeing to the terms expressed in this form:



The undersigned hereby grants the American Hemerocallis Society (“AHS”) and its Regions the right to publish the articles or photographs(s) (“works”) submitted with this form or previously submitted and awaiting publication in any of the newsletters, Journals or websites published or maintained by AHS or any of its Regions; and to reprint or republish such work(s) in any newsletter, Journal, website or other medium published or maintained by AHS or any of its Regions outside of the context in which the work(s) originally appeared in connection with their educational and scientific activities. The undersigned shall retain ownership of all individual copyright rights in the work(s) covered by this agreement except for those rights granted to AHS herein or by law.

The undersigned represents and warrants that the undersigned is the author/ photographer of the work(s) being submitted with this form or previously submitted and awaiting publication to AHS by the undersigned and, except as disclosed below, is the owner of all copyright rights with respect to such photograph(s) other than those rights otherwise granted to AHS herein or by law.

Optional – initial if selected (PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED WORKS)

I have previously submitted work(s) to AHS or its Regions that have been published by AHS or its Regions. The copyright rights that I previously gave AHS or its Regions may not have included the right to reprint or republish my work(s) outside the context in which they originally appeared. For example, if my photograph appeared in the Fall 1999 Journal, although AHS could republish the Fall 1999 Journal in its entirety on its website, under current copyright law, it cannot separately republish my work online by itself or include it on a website or in a pamphlet consisting of a group of works dealing with the same or similar subject matter without my consent. By initialing above, I hereby grant AHS and its Regions the right to reprint or republish all works that I have previously submitted to AHS and its Regions that have previously been published by AHS and its Regions and I make the same representations to the same extent as in the first paragraph of this form.

However, if I wish to exclude any previously published work(s) from the above consent, I have listed the photographs I wish to exclude on a separate page attached to this form and I have placed my initials here to indicate that I have attached such a page.

Optional – initial if selected (WORKS THAT I MAY SUBMIT IN THE FUTURE)

I wish to avoid the necessity of signing this form every time I submit an article/ photograph to AHS or its Regions for publication. Thus, I hereby grant AHS the same rights granted to AHS in this form with respect to all work(s) that I submit to AHS in the future until such time as I notify AHS in writing that this consent is being withdrawn.

The undersigned has entered into this agreement in order to assist educational, scientific, and charitable goals and hereby waives any right to compensation for such uses by reason of the foregoing authorizations, and the undersigned and his successors or assigns hereby hold AHS, its Regions, employees, officers, directors and its successors and assigns harmless from and against any claim for injury or compensation resulting from the activities authorized by this agreement.
The term “photograph,” as used in the foregoing agreement, shall mean any photographic or video image or file, regardless of the format or storage medium on which such image or file may be stored or located and regardless of the manner in which such image or file was produced.